Web Development

Travel Web development is about incorporating each and every aspect of creating a professional website. There are many components that make up web development services and some of the core components of any travel website development are web design, server administration, marketing, programming, content management, testing and deployment. Backend support includes server administration and programming and this is also regarded as an integral part of travel web development services. In a nutshell, travel websites development is a process integrating expertise of code into design/layout and this integration is based on the requirements of our clients that need to be matched perfectly.

Based in India, Design Lab powered by TechMaster offers web development services consisting of database driven website development, dynamic website development, e-commerce website development services and flash web design and development.

Our travel web development services includes:

Corporate Travel Website Development

Design Lab develops comprehensive websites and portals for travel companies that require dynamic multimedia animation, content management, programming, sturdy database applications and search engine marketing to successfully execute a project. We provide you with a competitive edge and offer a suite of sophisticated features at competitive rates.

Database Driven Website Development

Database driven websites are one of the most popular types of dynamic web pages and these kinds of websites allow the client to easily fetch for information from a database. Most common example of database driven websites are service-oriented websites, which also covers the travel domain. In such cases travel websites rely on the database to fetch all kinds of different details and allow the user to make their bookings accordingly. Some of the tools and technologies used to create this kind of travel website development are ASP, PHP and CGI/Pearl. At Design Lab, our highly skilled desingers and developers the latest technologies and tools to create database driven websites that completely match your requirements at cost effective rates.

E-commerce Website Development

desingers and developers E-commerce websites are primarily meant for buying and selling of products and services through Internet and therefore such a kind of website is essential for functioning of any travel based site looking to sell travel products online. This is one of the most cost effective and preferred methods to promote travel based products and services over the Internet. Design Lab does specialize in integrating existing e-commerce software such as OS Commerce and Zen Cart into a newly designed website. Design Lab can offer a range of tools that can be easily configured and used over web in ecommerce website design modules such as Shopping Cart, Content Management, Online Forms Catalogue, website polls, email and email alerts, reservations, contact management tools, membership etc.

Flash Website Development

Flash offers more creative space than HTML and a designer can truly give shape to their imagination through Flash and all that is required is a flash plug-in to run the flash website on the user's computer. Our team of creative flash designers and web developers can easily integrate 3D graphics, HTML, audio and video to offer the best experience for the viewers. Undoubtedly, a highly optimized code and storing procedures do help in fast loading of flash websites.